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My political fantasy - Unbeliever's Land
...The continuing chronicles...
My political fantasy
For the past week, I've been clinging to a little fantasy I came up with.

In my fantasy, when Obama gives his speech tonight, he gets tough.  He says:

Ya know, we TRIED being conciliatory towards the Republicans and blue dog Democrats.  We compromised over and over, and what did it get us?  We *STILL* don't have one firm Republican vote -- even the Republicans we thought we were bargaining with, told their constituents that it was imperative to defeat "Obamacare".

So fine.  If we can't have a bipartisan bill, then at the very least, we can have a GOOD partisan bill.  I HEREBY RETRACT ALL BARGAINS OVER THIS BILL.

DEMOCRATS: You are hereby requested to scrap your previous efforts, and start over, producing a good, LIBERAL bill with a STRONG public option.  You are NOT to work with your Republican colleagues, as they have demonstrated that they have no interest in a bill that would actually make a difference.  You will not delay or postpone this bill, and when it is complete, I expect EVERY SINGLE DEMOCRAT TO VOTE FOR  IT.  If any Democrat, House or Senate, does *NOT* vote for it, I will personally campaign and raise money for a Democratic primary challenger to defeat them.

REPUBLICANS: You had your chance to work towards honest health care reform.  You chose to play childish political games instead.  So now, we're going to do this without you.  And Americans will know which party means real reform, and which party is full of hot air.

Alas, Obama has made it quite clear that he believes in the Democratic principle of spinelessness, and rolling over whenever his right wing corporate masters demand.  His speech tonight will look nothing like my little fantasy.

I am a political junkie.  I even watched several of BUSH'S speeches, knowing full well how bad our country was getting screwed.

And I made calls for Obama, donated to Obama, voted for Obama, stayed up late to watch him win, and danced in the aisles when he did.  I have been a HUGE Obama fan.

But I find that I do not have the strength to watch Obama -- THE GOOD GUY -- rape America yet again on national TV tonight.  It's just too depressing.

I'll watch Olberman tomorrow and catch the highlights.

And I'll try to keep anything sharp out of arm's reach...

Current Emotional State: depressed depressed

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From: ninaroses Date: September 12th, 2009 06:58 am (UTC) (Link)
Yeah my friend, you didn't miss much. I watched it all in it's unexciting entirety. (except when someone yelled out "you lie" or something to that extent, and the boos from the republican crowd. It was interesting to watch Nancy Pelosi's surgically altered face attempt a look of surprise, lol)
I am afraid that "reform" is not going to be much if anything, and at worst it will raise the cost of private insurance for the rest of us, still without covering the rest of the country in some way or other. His "public option" sounds like it is to be little if anything, and like Dr Hochfeld said, it is doomed to fail - which will just give the Republicans another excuse to try and claim that they were right about the whole anti-reform crap in the first place. I am sad.... the "CHANGE" that was promised to us all if rapidly becoming just a distant memory... or was it all a dream? :-(
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