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At the Coast... - Unbeliever's Land
...The continuing chronicles...
At the Coast...
Our belated Anniversary Week at the Coast has finally begun.

This time, we're renting a ritzy-spitzy condo in Depoe Bay (which is just a tad north of Newport, where we usually stay).  This is my reward for a year's worth of Hell Upgrades at work (now, did we upgrade FROM Hell, or TO Hell?) -- and Angela's reward for putting up with my folks in Houston, and suffering through her prolonged subsequent health issues...  (as well as putting up with ME for this past year).  ;)

We arrived late yesterday (Sunday) afternoon... and today was Angela's recovery day from packing and travel, while I ran around doing shopping and running other errands...  We'll be leaving Saturday at noon, and between now and then, Not A Damn Thing We Have To Do.  Ahhhhh...

Have I mentioned the whales?  WE'RE SEEING WHALES HERE!  I mean, we're near the monthly maximum for high tides... waves are crashing fiercely on the rocks just 20-40 feet from our deck... and just past the waves are WHALES, up close and personal.  Just this morning, I probably saw at least 30 large water spouts, followed by long, curved backs as they dove back underwater.  Prior to this trip, I'd seen a handful of spouts total in my life -- at a distance -- and never seen any part of the actual whales...

Many pods of grey whales live in this area year-round.  This condo is seriously the place to be for whale watching...

We have high--speed internet (obviously), and twiice the space we could actually USE here.  It's really... quite pleasant.  :)

Thanks to Nina for visiting and feeding our Poor Neglected Kitty.  (Buttercup's in Doggy Jail for the duration.)

Nina: respond here if you have any kitty news to share.  Knowing our cat, I'm sure "cat sightings" around our place are likely to be far less common than whale sightings out here...  We'll probably call tomorrow (Tuesday) evening just to check in...

As for everyone else, LJ posting frequency will probably... be completely unchanged, given how bad we've been lately about updating LJ under normal circumstances... :(

Wish us well!

Current Emotional State: relaxed relaxed

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From: ninaroses Date: September 17th, 2009 02:11 am (UTC) (Link)
I have had two actual sightings of Callie the mystery cat so far! First sighting was of cat butt running madly away from the door when I came in a day or two ago, and today she actually greeted my in the hallway! I think she is lonely and perhaps knew I was her link to catfood!! She walked slowly away from me and let me touch the tip of her tail! Very exciting as she is the most elusive kitty ever, (next to my parents ginormous Siamese, Sam, whom my Dad has to drag from under their king sized bed when I come to visit to "say HI", although I think I enjoy it much more than Sam does. LOL
Other than that all is well. Sprinkled a bit here, but not enough to get too excited about. Just enough to raise the humidity.
Hope you guys had fun at the Aquarium today!
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