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Playing chicken with the world... - Unbeliever's Land
...The continuing chronicles...
Playing chicken with the world...
A man dressed as Colonel Sanders was allowed by UN security into several restricted areas of the United Nations building.

Apparently, this was done by an ad agency as a stunt to promote KFC grilled chicken.

Just about any response imaginable (laughter, chagrin, bewilderment, etc) would be appropriate.

Just about.

Except, of course, for the ACTUAL responses posted after the article -- which range from "Now can we please cut off all funding to the UN?" to "The Colonel actually adds much needed dignity and integrity to the usual UN happenings."


I have never -- NEVER -- understood the blind hatred which so many Americans show for the UN.

Yes, of COURSE they are an insanely bureaucratic, political institution.  That's what they DO.  They talk.  And bargain.  And wheel and deal.

And most of what they do is corrupt.  You know, just like our own government.  Except they're dealing with *ALL* the governments.

But what precisely do these "wipe out the UN" types see as the superior alternative?  *NOT* talking with the heads of other governments?  Nuking anyone who won't give us what we want?

Don't answer that... :(

Then there's this guy: "If this Kentucky Fried gentleman had turned out to be of the terrorist persuasion what would be the difference.  The UN building is full of terrorists."

Ummm, yeah.  And ever since late 2001, the UN building has been located within the borders of the greatest terrorist nation of them all -- thanks to people who voted much like I assume you did.  Asshole.

For right wingers, "Bring it on!" is all the diplomacy America ever needs...

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