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An Open Letter to Oracle - Unbeliever's Land
...The continuing chronicles...
An Open Letter to Oracle
Dear Oracle Corporation:

Would you PLEASE get off your collective asses, and do some favors for us programmers who work with your databases, year after year, forever?

Such as:
  • Implement BOOLEAN as a SQL data type, already. It is seriously freaking annoying to have BOOLEAN available in PL/SQL, but not in regular SQL. Do you want to make a guess as to how many single-character VARCHAR2 columns we have containing 'Y','N','y','n',NULL,and the occasional random gibberish character? How hard can this POSSIBLY be?

  • Make an empty VARCHAR2 string ('') equal to NULL already. Seriously. What would it hurt?

  • Speaking of which, why can't we use "= NULL" rather than "IS NULL" again? You *DO* realize how much grief we have to go through, to test for NULL as a "special condition", each and every time we compare values, right? (NULL = NULL. I don't care how many mathematicians say otherwise...)

  • Eliminate the damn random-number generator that decides where to position windows in the Oracle Forms Designer tool. (Remember how long it took you to fix "global PL/SQL search/replace" in Forms Designer, so it DIDN'T make you acknowledge EVERY SINGLE CODE BLOCK that did *NOT* contain a match?) Although I hear that Forms Designer is obsolete these days anyway, so this point is probably moot...
On the other hand, ongoing thanks for:
  • The DBMS_OUTPUT package. PL/SQL finally has a PRINT statement, even if it DOESN'T work in "real time".

  • SQL*Developer. Kicks ass, and FREE. Almost makes up for years of grief with Oracle Forms Designer...
J. Random Frustrated Programmer.

Current Emotional State: annoyed annoyed

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From: ninaroses Date: November 22nd, 2009 08:10 pm (UTC) (Link)
Ummm... ok I have no idea what any of that meant!!! (I can barely send an email!)
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