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Windows 7 - Unbeliever's Land
...The continuing chronicles...
Windows 7
For the past several months, my supposedly-high-end computer has been slowly dying, due to a weird combination of overheating, RAM-related glitches, and finally a nervous breakdown on the part of Windows Vista.

I'd managed to keep it booting though the computer-equivalent of life support, but it was clearly a lost cause. Among other things, Vista had become quite insistent that I both HAD and DID NOT HAVE sound -- and could not be convinced that this was a contradiction.

Well, that's all over. As of this past weekend, I am up and running with Windows 7, and everything's looking pretty good.

(For the time being, at least, I'm still running the RAM at low speed, and leaving the sides off the case to avoid overheating...)

I've got all my primary apps loaded and ready. And so far, I'm liking Win7 quite a bit. It's definitely friendlier than Vista. The new improved taskbar takes a bit of getting used to -- but I think I like it. It's starting to feel more... futuristic. :)

And the downloadable "XP virtual machine" is pretty impressive as well. It might just be sufficiently transparent as to make it a viable method for "safe browsing". We shall see...

In addition to the virtual housecleaning, I'm doing a little of the real thing. My "office" is starting to look less like a huge closet, and more like a usable space again. I cannot express how desperately I've needed this.

Oh by the way -- I am officially in the market for some rock-solid disk imaging software, that I can rely on to bring me back to this happy place, if Win7 ever starts freaking out on me. Do any of my geek-friends have a recommendation?

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