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Putting the X in Xmas - Unbeliever's Land
...The continuing chronicles...
Putting the X in Xmas
Time once again to celebrate the Capitalist holiday, derived from the Christian holiday, derived from the Pagan holiday, derived from the axial tilt of the Earth.

I used to be quite pleased that American capitalism so thoroughly dominated the holiday.  But now, I'm starting to see it as representative of capitalism taking over EVERY damn thing in this country, including, most grievously, every level of federal, state, and local government.  Even our military is half-private now.

So while I much prefer today's neutered Xmas over the religious alternative, the cost is starting to feel too high, even to me...

In any case, Angela and I have done our share of the socially-mandated extravagant consumer spending.  And in a few hours, we'll witness the carnage...

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