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The End of a Year -- and a Decade - Unbeliever's Land
...The continuing chronicles...
The End of a Year -- and a Decade
I really want to say something clever and/or wise about the year ending, and the year to come.

Nothing really comes to mind.

2009 has kinda sucked. 

[Hell, the whole DECADE has sucked.  If I could reload reality back to November 2000 and start over with a different result THERE, I'd do it in a heartbeat.]

[EDIT: My wife reminds me we bought our house in 2001, married in 2002, and that virtually our entire relationship has been this decade.  OK, granted.  There were parts of the decade that didn't suck.]  ;)

This year started with such promise, right after the election of Obama.  Well, it turns out that "better than Bush" still leaves a lot of room for improvement.  Liberal Fantasy Barack Obama is being murdered by Center-Right Barack Obama in front of our eyes, night after night -- if we was EVER more than a figment of our imagination -- and all the media does is complain that it's not happening fast enough.

Our flight to Houston happened.  What an expensive, painful waste of time THAT turned out to be.  Apart from seeing James & Rach, and having some decent BBQ, nothing good came of it.  I'm certainly not on any better terms with my folks.  And it triggered latest Angela's health crises (plural); she's lost a hell of alot of ground since then.  Things *ARE* starting to get better now -- so at least we have room to hope for a better 2010.

It was also the Year From Hell at work -- every single thing related to my job changed radically this year, and I was the lead guy for one large piece of it.  We're still recovering from THOSE shock waves.  More personal work-related changes appear to be underfoot; more on that later.

So yeah, feeling very BLAH.  Really needed this to be a better year than it was.  This was supposed to be the Turnaround Year -- and instead it's largely been More Of The Same.

Tonight, I'll kill lots of non-existent people quite violently on my "Uncharted 2" PS3 game.  Maybe that'll cheer me up.

Happy new year... :)

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