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Sucky week to be a liberal... - Unbeliever's Land
...The continuing chronicles...
Sucky week to be a liberal...
Holy crap, what a week.

First, Massachusetts (of all places) elects a Republican and breaks our vaunted "filibuster-proof majority" (for whatever good THAT gave us, with Joe Lieberman gleefully siding with the Republicans anytime his vote would actually matter).

[...which means that the tiny remaining sliver of hope for health care reform, is now utterly dead.  Thanks alot, MASS-holes...]

Then, two days later, the Supreme Court OVERTURNS A CENTURY OF PRECEDENT and declares *ANY* limits on corporate spending for influencing elections to be illegal.  Who needs bribery?  IT IS NOW LEGAL FOR CORPORATIONS TO BUY ELECTIONS.

[Democratic congressman are scrambling to create legislation to try and limit the complete destruction of our democracy that this ruling entails.  Good luck with that.  Health care was at least something the average Joe was capable of understanding and caring about.  And we all saw how well they did with THAT...]

And finally, today was the punchline.  Air America has officially taken itself off the air and declared bankruptcy.  Just the latest victims of a crappy economy.  So the voices of those fighting AGAINST the darkness, just got a whole lot quieter...

And in all three cases, right-wingers are gloating like never before.

I can't stand it...

I suppose the Massachusetts thing doesn't REALLY matter -- as I said, it's not like 60 votes actually did anything for the Dems.

And Air America dying is depressing as all hell, but the better commentators can get syndicated via other outlets, and will likely still turn up on most of the same radio stations.  At least, the stations that don't change format to country music.  Or right-wing talk.  *SIGH*

But the Supreme Court decision is serious.  If you thought corporate power over our government was bad before, you aint seen nothin' yet.

Bush really did it.  He did enough damage to the country, that the feckless Dems couldn't fix it fast enough.

He poisoned the economy.  He poisoned Congress.  He poisoned the Supreme Court.

Obama was too cautious.  Too "sensible".

And now, it's too late.

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