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Garage Sale: Day 1 - Unbeliever's Land
...The continuing chronicles...
Garage Sale: Day 1
Every year, our neighborhood has 3-day neighborhood-wide garage sale, and Angela and I always participate.  It's a good way to meet your neighbors, get rid of piles of junk you feel bad about just tossing in the garbage, and make a bit of pocket money doing it.  Plus, it's an excuse to clean out your garage once a year...

After spending several evenings and weekends during the past few weeks to get ready, I took off work all day yesterday to work with Angela on the "final touches", and all day today to help run the thing.

*WHEW*  Tiiiiiiiired.  If you include yesterday evening (when we weren't INTENDING to be open for business, but wound up selling off our big-ticket items to neighbors who stopped by to chat while we were setting up), we've already cleared over $200.

Factoring out the big items that sold yesterday, we still cleared over $80 today -- and these figures aren't counting some things we were selling for Angela's dad...

All told, a successful day.  Many Unneeded Things have now gone away, making room for all the New Stuff We Can't Live Without.  And the Circle of (Capitalist) Life goes on...  :)

More tomorrow...

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