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Garage Sale: Day 2 - Unbeliever's Land
...The continuing chronicles...
Garage Sale: Day 2
In my previous LJ entry, the figure for our garage sale take was off by $10 -- it was actually only $70.

But that's OK.  Today's total garage sale proceeds were *$163*.

That makes:
Thursday eve:     $125 (when we hadn't even intended to be open)
Friday all day:   $ 70
Saturday all day: $163
----------------- ----
TOTAL SO FAR:   $358
Not too shabby... beats our previous weekend record, and we've still got tomorrow to go.

Once this is all over and done... I think we're making a pilgrimage to Outback (20 mins north in Salem) to celebrate...
Mmmmm... steak...  :)

Current Emotional State: hungry hungry

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