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Coulter acts hypocritically; water still wet... - Unbeliever's Land
...The continuing chronicles...
Coulter acts hypocritically; water still wet...
In Ann Coulter's column today -- in between defending Obama from accusations of being a Muslim (because he's worse: an ATHEIST!), and declaring that in fact, all liberals are atheists (Woohoo!  Suddenly we're 50% of the population!) -- she did something even more astonishing.

She quoted from Matthew 6:1.

The first eight verses of Matthew 6 are favorites for us atheists.  They are instructions to Christians, *NOT* to pray and strut their religious stuff in public, but to do it PRIVATELY.

People who pray openly, these verses say, are doing it not to PRAY, but to be SEEN PRAYING.  They are "hypocrites", doing it to "have glory of men", and they "already have their reward".

And Satan Bitch -- eternal defender of the holier-than-thou Republican Party, PARTICULARLY in culture war issues like prayer in school, and crosses and Commandments statues on public land  -- actually quotes Matthew 6, in condemning... former President Clinton.


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