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Two things that make me feel better, after the occurrence of… - Unbeliever's Land
...The continuing chronicles...
Two things that make me feel better, after the occurrence of America's first atheist terrorist:

1) Idiot Florida preacher Terry Jones planning on burning Korans on 9/11.  Stay classy, Christian-dude.

2) This:
Reading level by religionReading level by religious seriousness

OKCupid ran the "Coleman-Liau Index" on their dating site's users' self-descriptions, to estimate their reading comprehension levels -- and then compared that to their stated religion.

The results are listed above.
  • Overall, Atheists scored highest, with only Buddhists and Jews coming in ahead of Agnostics.  Catholics and Protestants?  Low end of the scale...

  • When broken down by "how serious" users claimed to be about their religion, another interesting detail emerged.  For each religious group, the LEAST "religiously serious" scored highest.  For Agnostics and Atheists, the MOST "religiously serious" scored highest.
On the one hand, this clearly isn't a scientific study.  On the other hand, these people didn't KNOW their data would be used this way, so there shouldn't be much bias (people creating accounts as a certain religion to intentionally alter the results).  Unless you want to argue that single-ness, computer-savvy-ness or "OKCupid-ness" would skew the results towards dumber religious folk and/or smarter heathens.

And of course, it confirms my existing prejudices.  So there's that.  :)

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