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Greetings from Depoe Bay... - Unbeliever's Land
...The continuing chronicles...
Greetings from Depoe Bay...

Angela and I have begun our annual weeklong Coast Vacation.

We intended to leave by 10am Saturday.  But given that we were up till 5am doing theater work and last-minute housework, and THEN dawdled getting the car loaded and ourselves ready... it was 5pm before we finally started on our way.  By  the time we made it to Depoe Bay, unloaded the car and bought drinks/snacks/supplies for our stay, it was after 10pm and noplace was open for dinner.

Well, almost noplace.

We found a greasy spoon called "Newport Cafe" that is 24 hrs and serves some downright tasty grub -- took it back to our rented condo and stayed up unpacking, eating and watching rented movies till... 5am again.

Then we crashed, got up at noon and spent Sunday on the deck watching whales.

Yup, they're back!

You pretty much can't spend half an hour on the deck of this place without seeing whales, up close and personal.  Especially near high tide.

Seriously, you could throw a rock and hit one.  (Though we content ourselves alternating between admiring them and dozing...)

Today, we finally got around to trying Riptide BBQ (which is changing it's name to Bonepile; bleah).  We intended to try them last year, but the timing never worked out.

It was... adequate.  (I'm a BBQ snob; Angela loved it.)

Then we went on to pick up Depoe Bay boardwalk goodies (cotton candy, caramel corn, taffy & fudge) and head down to Oregon Coast Aquarium for a few hours.  Saw lots of wacky wildlife there, including this fella who must have spent 15 minutes going out of his way to pose for me:

Then we finished our day with a big yummy steak dinner at Szabo's (which is infinitely better in Newport than it's poor Albany sister).

Tomorrow... we think we'll stay in and watch whales some more.

Ahhh... bliss...

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