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An Open Letter to President Obama - Unbeliever's Land
...The continuing chronicles...
An Open Letter to President Obama
Dear President Obama:

You and Vice President Biden seem to share Rahm Emanuel's stated opinion that we liberals ought to be thrilled with what you've given us these past two years, and if we demand more, well, we're "fucking retarded" (to quote Mr Emanuel).

You are surprised and stunned at the so-called "enthusiasm gap".  After all, do we want the REPUBLICANS back in charge?

No, sir.

No, we do not.

We remember all too well, what things are like under Republican rule.  And that's because we haven't RECOVERED YET from the last Republican rule.

Now, we can't possibly expect you to have fixed everything in two years.  But you could have done a hell of alot more than you DID:

The Stimulus Bill: To start with, every respectable economist told you we need a stimulus bill at LEAST 2-3 times bigger than the one that got passed.  Yes, it was inevitable that wherever it started, it would get cut back in Congress.  So you HIGHBALL it, you jackass!  You start off DEMANDING, LOUDLY, a bill at least eight times bigger than what got passed.  You scream about the impending financial meltdown, and shriek like a banshee when Congress cuts it down to five.  Then you can giggle quietly to yourself when signing the bill containing MORE THAN YOU ACTUALLY NEED, and take the credit for the savings if you end up not needing it all.

When you DON'T DO is lowball the number, trying to seem "moderate", and THEN get it lowered much more, and THEN take the blame when your much-vaunted stimulus bill doesn't get enough done.

In fact, this seems to be your biggest problem, across the board.  You KEEP EXPECTING REPUBLICANS to be REASONABLE, and thus you KEEP BRINGING A KNIFE to a GUNFIGHT.

Need I point out that this isn't working?

Let's look at some other issues where you could have made a difference.

Bush-Cheney investigations:  Even before the election, you were making noises about "looking forward, not backward".  I've got news for you, bub.  We don't move forward EXCEPT by looking backward.  By utterly ignoring the previous administration's PUBLICLY ADMITTED WAR CRIMES, you yourself become complicit in them.  More than that, you find yourself CONTINUING them, and DEFENDING them in court!  The crimes become the norm.  By not looking backward, by not standing up and saying "WE WILL NOT STAND FOR THIS", you make these acts acceptable forevermore.

And what did you gain for this?  By not investigating Bush-Cheney, did you earn some notable Republican goodwill?  Did you IN ANY WAY make your two years in office ANY easier than they would have been?  Or did the Republicans trash you full-force, and filibuster literally every single thing you tried to accomplish anyway?

Don't Ask Don't Tell:  You pledged to do away with it.  You keep making half-hearted gestures, pushing Congress to act.  But you are the fucking Commander In Chief.  One word from you, and the policy is moot.  Why not simply declare that National Security is more important than right-wing bigotry, and be done with it?

Oh yeah, don't wanna honk off the Repugs.  Tell me again how that's working out for ya?

Health Care:  Yes.  You passed something.  Congratulations.  Take a victory lap.  You earned it.

But once again, you STARTED with a severe compromise, and negotiated down from there.  Why in HELL didn't you go off, DEMANDING single-payer?  Promote the ever loving hell out of it, SHOW people it's the right answer, and then only grudgingly accept a public option?

Look where you are now!  You actually passed something on healthcare!  Every Dem should be running on this vote alone!  But it's so watered down, you have a hard time defending it -- and meanwhile, the right wing spends every waking minute demonizing it and promising to repeal it! 


Why do you think the right wing keeps winning?  They win by moving the goalposts!  YOU compromise by moving TOWARD them; they "compromise" by moving AWAY from you!!!

You have the ability to turn this around!  But it means taking a page from their playbook.

Don't play to the middle.  Play to your BASE.  THAT is where your "enthusiasm gap" lies!

Try, just ONCE, grabbing the ball and running HARD LEFT, rather than center-right.  Yes, the right wingers will have collective heart attacks and fall to the floor, gasping.  But you'll find that that there are ALOT OF LIBERALS OUT HERE, who have been pissed on by politicians of both parties, for a very, VERY long time.  And we are DESPERATE for some of that "hope" you promised.

Don't expect us to get excited by the fact that we're not plunging rightward QUITE AS FAST, with you in charge.  ACTUALLY TURN THIS THING AROUND -- or at least show us some REAL (not pre-compromised) effort in that direction.  THEN stand back and watch the enthusiasm roar!

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