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Another Open Letter to President Obama - Unbeliever's Land
...The continuing chronicles...
Another Open Letter to President Obama
Dear President Obama:

On Tuesday, your Justice Department filed an appeal against the striking down of the "Defense of Marriage Act".

Today, your Justice Department filed an appeal against the striking down of "Don't Ask, Don't Tell".

And *STILL*, you have the gall to wonder why we liberals are experiencing an "enthusiasm gap", about voting Democrat this year?

You talk a good game, Mr President.  You tell us things we desperately want to hear.

You hold out the football, promising that THIS time, you REALLY won't pull it away at the last moment.

You make us believe you, even when we're old enough and cynical enough that we should really know better.

You tell us to Hope.

So we do.  We make a run at the football.  And *TWICE*, this week alone, you pulled it away.

And just like with the football, in both of these cases, all you had to do, to do the right thing, was NOTHING.

The courts did the heavy lifting for you.  THEY found all this anti-gay discrimination crap illegal.  All you had to do, was make a little sad face for the benefit of the right-wingers, and say, "Welp, sorry.  The courts have spoken.", and let it go.

But noooooo.  You just HAD to go and ACTIVELY fight in court, to defend two rulings which you CLAIM to agree with.  You couldn't let our side just have the win.

Don't talk to me about HOPE, Mr President.

I've given up HOPE on you.

You've made it very clear which side you actively pander to, and which side you just plan to string along for as long as you can...

Current Emotional State: infuriated infuriated

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