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Round of golf, anyone? - Unbeliever's Land
...The continuing chronicles...
Round of golf, anyone?
Yesterday, they poked ten holes in my stomach area, and fixed the hernia I've had for a decade.

I now have a sheet of plastic mesh the size of a standard sheet of paper, holding my guts in and stopping them from poking through my stomach muscles. Fun!

It was all laproscopic (yay for modern medicine), but yowza! That hurts...

...And I'm already home. I'm going to be relying on Angela until I'm strong enough to move around without so much pain.

In other medical news, they sent Angela's dad Roy home Sunday (just in time for me to miss him). They never really diagnosed him - he just got better enough that they decided he didn't need to stay!

He's not OVER his problems - but with the proper drugs, maybe he'll stay managable? We'll see...

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