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Gaming... - Unbeliever's Land
...The continuing chronicles...
I see that my friend kightp has started playing Dragon Age.

She's becoming more of a gamer than I am, and that is Just Not Right.

Truth be told, I tried Dragon Age when it first came out.  Paid way too damn much for it, got the super-duper bells-n-whistles version.  But I made one mistake.

I got it for my PS3.  (The idea was, Angela and I could "play it together", as we've been known to do.  Her watching and coaching, me driving and not listening nearly as much as I should.)

The thing is, we love D&D computer games.  You know, with a mouse and keyboard.  But playing Dragon Age with a freaking game controller was a nightmare.  We barely got past the intro chapter.

Instead of carefully-made decisions and fine-tuned control, it was all I could do to vaguely point my dude in the direction of the bad guys and hope I didn't get killed.


Someday maybe I'll try again with the PC version.  Maybe.

Meanwhile, I've been having a blast in retro-ville with the classics from Good Old Games (GOG).  Recently, I bought Unreal Gold, Duke Nukem 3d, and Divine Divinity from them for a combined total of $10.

Of course, I'd played Duke 3d before, but what the hey.  And Unreal Gold... looks pretty much exactly like Doom with different monsters, so that was a tad disappointing.

But Divine Divinity has me hooked.  A straight-up, classic RPG, modern enough where everything works as you'd expect, old enough where time was actually spent on story and playability, rather than just pixel shaders and bling-mapping.  You start as a fighter, mage or thief, but then you can build your character however you like after that.  (I've become fond of the "Freeze" spell, to hold tougher monsters in place while my fighter pounds on them.)

Apart from that, I play alot of "Heroes of Might and Magic III" -- also from GOG.  Collect resources, build your army, clobber the bad guy.  It takes me about two hours to fully explore the random "small" map (I don't like to miss anything) and thoroughly crush my computer foe.  Good way to kill an evening.  :)

When I have very little time, I play a REMAKE of one of my oldest faves from my Commodore 64 days, Archon.  (A sort of "D&D chess"; when one piece is moved to an opponent's square, they duke it out videogame-style.)  The remake by "React! Games" is extremely true to the original, while adding optional extras that make it even more fun.  I can annihilate an "easy" opponent in pretty much exactly 10 minutes.  :)

But right now, it's all about Divine Divinity.  No school like the old school.  This is my kind of game...

[It occurs to me that all of my current games involve magical creatures beating the crap out of each other.  Hmmm...]

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