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The queen of non-factual statements... - Unbeliever's Land
...The continuing chronicles...
The queen of non-factual statements...
Ann Coulter gets paid a great deal of money to spew her venom each week.

We have freedom of speech in this country.  She is entitled to be an ignorant, evil, morally bankrupt, shrill, shrieking hag-harpy, and to sell her services as such to the highest bidder.

(The thirst on the political right for such services seems unquenchable.)

But still, I keep finding myself wishing that some bare minimum of fact-checking and logical-argument-checking could be instituted for anyone being paid to communicate with the public.

From her latest column on Planned Parenthood:

When the Republicans proposed that, instead of cutting a few billion, the government chop $60 billion from the budget, Democrats went ballistic. They said it was madness. Republicans were proposing to bring back the miserly federal budget of 2008!

You heard me right: Those lunatics were going to roll back the federal spending clock ... almost three years!

You remember the hellish, "Lord of the Flies" days of 2008 when veterans hospitals were shuttered, Social Security checks ceased to be delivered, our military was stripped of ammunition, national parks were closed and stoplights went dark.

Wait, no -- none of that happened.
Of course, the Republicans proposed no such thing.  They did not simply say "Let's go back to the 2008 budget"; they said "Let's SPEND as much as in 2008, by taking ALL the difference between then and now, out of a FEW specific areas that help the poor or inconvenience our corporate benefactors.".  Slight difference.

All the Republicans had to do was threaten to cut federal funding for abortion, and they won $40 billion in spending cuts overnight.
As Satanbitch is quite aware, there IS no federal funding for abortion. It's already illegal.

Kyl said: "You don't have to go to Planned Parenthood to get your cholesterol or your blood pressure checked. If you want an abortion, you go to Planned Parenthood. That's well over 90 percent of what Planned Parenthood does."

The entire mainstream media immediately rose in angry denunciation of Kyl -- based on Planned Parenthood's claim that abortion constitutes less than 3 percent of the services it provides.

Apparently, that depends on the meaning of "services it provides." If taking 30 seconds to write a prescription for birth control pills is considered the equivalent of a two-hour, multiple-visit $450 abortion, then perhaps abortion does constitute only 3 percent of Planned Parenthood's work.

But according to Planned Parenthood itself, when it comes to services for pregnant women, abortion constituted 97.6 percent of the services Planned Parenthood provided in 2009.

98% of the service police provide to speeders is to pull them over and write speeding tickets, therefore all police do is write speeding tickets.

Even if Coulter's numbers were true (never a safe bet), she's treating "services to women" and "services to pregnant women" as if they were the same thing.

Jon Kyl HAS done us all a tremendous service however -- in defending Kyl's 87-percent error, his spokesperson has given us the political meme of our age: "Not intended to be a factual statement".  (Twitter hashtag: #notintendedtobeafactualstatement)

Take note, Ann.  This phrase can get you out of alot of scrapes, down the road...

In any event, the Democrats didn't suddenly agree to $40 billion in budget cuts to save Planned Parenthood's cholesterol screening.
No, they agreed to $40 billion because it was the only way to avoid a government shutdown. They fought like fiends to protect Planned Parenthood, AS AN ENTIRE PROGRAM, because it provides MANY NEEDED health services to poor women who COULDN'T AFFORD THEM OTHERWISE.

They fought, because to do otherwise, would make them into cartoon supervillians. Like the Republicans...

Blue-collar workers don't like abortion? Democrats say, "You bet!"
Because oddly, individual health care decisions aren't up to a popular vote. Who'd have thought?

Abortion disproportionately targets black babies? Democrats say, "Who cares?"
Abortion isn't a movie monster leaping out of the shadows; it doesn't TARGET anyone. If a high percentage of black people are CHOOSING to have abortions, maybe it's due to poverty, or lack of available contraception? (You know, the very thing PLANNED PARENTHOOD would be trying to fix, if you weren't trying to shut them down.) In any case, the solution is to HELP THOSE IN NEED, not TAKE AWAY more options...

A majority of women dislike abortion? Democrats say, "Yes, but we're going to lie about that."
Women? A majority of PEOPLE dislike abortion. Hell, nobody LIKES abortion -- but what does that have to do with anything?

Sometimes there's a critical birth defect.  Sometimes the mother's health (or life) is at risk.  Sometimes it's a result of rape or incest.

Always, it's none of your damned business.

For right-wingers, TODAY, to try and score political points on the backs of poor women (or gays... or public workers... or Hispanics... or union members... or any other easily-demonized minority)... is reprehensible.

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