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What a week! - Unbeliever's Land
...The continuing chronicles...
What a week!
Yeesh, whadda week!

Shortly after the garage sale 4-day-weekend (we spent Thursday cleaning and prepping the garage, so that we could spend Friday through Sunday sitting in the garage and changing crap into cash), we got the call: our new bedroom furniture was ready to be delivered!

So this past weekend became ANOTHER four-day weekend (thank goodness for Memorial Day!), in which we took our EXTREMELY cluttered bedroom, and utterly EMPTIED it, removing all the old furniture (including my giant bookcase OVERFILLED with books and non-book clutter), doing at least 20 loads of laundry (yes, it had backed up a bit), all the way down to vacuuming and steam-cleaning the carpet -- in preparation for the new monster furniture to arrive.

And arrive it did!  (Well, mostly -- see oregongirl1969's journal for details.)

But... I've rarely felt so utterly exhausted.  My feet hurt so bad from all the standing, walking and carrying, I thought I'd just collapse.  I'm only starting, two days later, to regain my strength and start to feel human again.

[Did I mention that RIGHT as all of this was going on, I wound up with no less than THREE theater shows who all want me to design sound for them, all at the same time?  I'm delivering one show's CD tonight, and mailing off another show's CD tomorrow.  The third one -- the one I've actually volunteered to RUN sound for -- can thankfully be put off a while longer.]


As Generic-Figure-of-Speech-Deity as my witness, this weekend, I do *NOTHING*!!!

...Except maybe a long-overdue, extended Costco run, for about 200 pounds of vital necessities.

*SIGH*  Sometimes, I really HATE being a grown-up...

Current Emotional State: exhausted exhausted

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