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Less Miserable - Unbeliever's Land
...The continuing chronicles...
Less Miserable
Last week was a busy week.  Lemme tell you about it...

It all started weekend-before-last, when Angela's niece spent two six-hour-days with us, helping us tear through our nightmare disaster area of a dirty, cluttered house and turning it back into something livable.

Thank you, Amber!

Of course, we neglected to take into account that this would pretty much break Angela, right when she was supposed to have tickets ready for the next Albany Civic Theater show that Monday.

It took her 2-3 days to recover and start working on the tickets (i.e. sorting, organizing, printing and cutting replacements for the rows that got changed after the tickets were ordered, splitting into packets to deliver to our outlets, etc).

And she was just about finished on Wednesday... when we suddenly noticed that *ALL* of the tickets were wrong -- the dates had changed, and as often happens, nobody had notified Angela (aka Box Office Queen).

So *ALL* of the tickets for the entire run of the show had to be reprinted, cut, sorted, split into packets, and delivered -- and we were ALREADY very late!

So I stayed home Thursday, spent all day (and night) frantically helping Angela fix everything, and got the tickets delivered Friday morning.  Just in time for us to pack our bags and race to Portland, for our planned 3-day-weekend, centered around a performance of Les Miserables.


Upon arriving in Portland (late Friday evening), we checked in at the Heathman Hotel and had dinner at the hotel restaurant.  The meal was lovely, the hotel staff extra-friendly, and the room... well, is there a word for "ritzy but tiny"?  Really, I've stayed in motels with bigger rooms.  But apart from SPACE, everything was quite nice.

(The total-afterthought lift, that gets Angelas in wheelchairs up the otherwise-mandatory five steps into the lobby, was quite... amusing.)

The show the next day was awesome as ever, though Much Has Changed...

Our biggest problem was the very first scene.  It has been completely replaced -- instead of Jean Valjean and the prisoners in a prison yard, breaking rocks and digging holes, now they're galley slaves, rowing a huge boat?  "Look down, look down, you're standing in your grave" just doesn't pack the same punch while they're ROWING.

I really don't know what they were thinking, but changing such an iconic opening scene so severely was NOT a smart move...

We also missed the full-stage-turntable and incredible transforming city/barricade set pieces.  Don't get me wrong, the new set pieces are incredible -- it's stunning how much they can move on and off the stage, and so quickly -- and the projected still/moving pictures on the backdrop was quite impressive.

But not being able to rotate and see both sides of the barricade was a big limitation.  It definitely lessened the power of some scenes...

All told, though, Angela and I thoroughly enjoyed the show.  As always.  :)

Then we thought we'd try the "famous" Morton's Steakhouse across the street from the theater.  (They're very proud of the fact that politicians and movie stars "always" stop there when in town.)

We did, in fact, *TRY* Morton's.  But the lack of prior reservations, combined with their less-amusing-than-Heathman lift that utterly would NOT accomodate Angela's wheelchair, meant that our attempt was short-lived.

Heading back to the Heathman, we spotted Ruth's Chris Steakhouse, and tried that more successfully.  It was, in fact, STUNNING.  The best steak either of us had ever eaten.  Even if it WAS more expensive than any meal I've ever paid for (with the possible exception of the restaurant at the top of the Seattle Space Needle).

After checking out of the hotel on Sunday, we "tried" the Portland Zoo in the same sense that we "tried" Morton's.  We actually found a parking spot after fifteen minutes, but after seeing the crowds and feeling the heat (and talking to a couple of people LEAVING the zoo), we decided that Some Other Time would be best.

On the way out of Portland, with the help of Angela on her Droid AND the car's built-in GPS, and after a great deal of confusion and driving in circles, we finally managed to locate the Old Spaghetti Factory.

This is not a restaurant for people who get lost easily.  As a matter of fact, I think this is the Least Conveniently Located Restaurant anywhere in Portland.

But the restaurant was beautiful, with a gorgeous view of the river, the food was yummy, and the two of us could have had four full meals there for what we paid at Ruth's Chris Steakhouse.  (What is the deal with that name, anyway?  Are there so many "Chris Steakhouse" chains, that this one had to distinguish further?)

So after a long weekend, a great show, and THREE elegant meals, we finally returned home to a clean house.

And we were less miserable.  :)

So that was our week.  How was yours?

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amaebi From: amaebi Date: August 11th, 2011 01:03 pm (UTC) (Link)
Oh, man. I hope the pleasures were worth the effort?
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