Unbeliever's Land

...The continuing chronicles...

Name: Reed Byers

Nickname: Unbeliever

Why "Unbeliever"?: Well, it started years ago as a tribute to one of my favorite series of books, The Chronicles of Thomas Covenant, Unbeliever by Stephen R. Donaldson. But these days, it also has something to do with the fact that I am a practicing atheist. (And yes, if there are any fundamentalist Christians reading this, "practicing" means I skin live cats and place them inside pentagrams as sacrifices for my dark lord, Satan. Because we all know "atheist" means devil-worshipper, right?)

Why "64"?: Because some other idiot already has "Unbeliever" on LiveJournal. Don't they know I have the copyright on "Unbeliever" as a nickname in all live and electronic forums? ;)

But why specifically "64"?: In honor of my beloved first computer, the Commodore 64.

Wow, you're old: As of this post, I am a healthy 38 years old. Well, not so healthy. But still strong enough to teach you young whippersnappers a thing or two. Why, back in MY day, they didn't have none of these new-fangled "Internets" you young-uns go on about. "Pac-Man" was the hot arcade game (they still had arcades back then!), and "Star Wars" still had all the original effects...

Got any grandkids?: Why I oughta... I'll have you know that while I AM a happily married man (to Angela Byers, oregongirl1969), our only "children" to date are Buttercup Beagle and Cally Coe Cat -- and they're both spayed!

Role models/Heroes: My two personal role models have always been Isaac Asimov, and Carl Sagan, both now deceased, for their tireless efforts in spreading a bit of light against the encroaching darkness of American ignorance and superstition.

Groups: I am vice president of Corvallis Secular Society, a local humanist/atheist/freethought group, and Sound Manager for Albany Civic Theater (which mostly means that I'm the one folks usually turn to when they need somone to find/edit some sound effects for an upcoming show).